Friday, February 29, 2008


Kristen Chenoweth is so Cute! I discovered her from Pushing Daisies, a quirky show that Caleb and I both like.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Movie Lines Answers

So here are the answers to our movie lines. I would like to issue a Saturday Night Live quotes challenge to anyone who cares and loves SNL. We rarely watch it anymore but our favorite characters are/were... Will Ferrell, Molly Shannon, Anna Gastyer, Tina Fey, Chris Farley, Amy Pohler hmmm I know there are more but I can't think of them.

"Stay at home and eat all the freakin chips Kip"
"Don't be jealous that I've been chatting online with babes all day, besides we both know I'm training to become a cage fighter."
"Since when Kip, you have the worst reflexes of all time."
"Try and hit me Napoleon."
"I said come down here and see what happens if you try and hit me."
Napoleon Dynamite

"Give me your tots."
Napoleon Dynamite

"You can milk anything with nipples."
Meet the Parents

"Baby steps"
What About Bob?

"I'm walkin' through the kitchen with a bowl full of chicken, and I'm putting it Faye and Leo, I mean Dr. Marvin's refrigerate, for the night."
What About Bob?

"That John Denver guy's full of crap" (or another word like that)
Dumb and Dumber

Dumb and Dumber

"Sloth love Chunk"

"Boodie trap, boodie trap" "You mean boobie trap?" "Yeah, that's what I said, boodie trap."

"Fresh breath, it's the priority of my life"
16 Candles

"Come on in and party hard to the person"
16 Candles

"Git R' Done"
Blue Collar Comedy Tour

"Your hands are freeeheeeheeezing!"
Dumb and Dumber

"Get in my belly"
Austin Powers

"Go to your home, are you too good for your home?"
Happy Gilmore

"Back to school, back to school, just to prove I'm not a fool."
Billy Madison

"Hip, hip hop, hip hop anonymous"
Big Daddy

"We wasted the good surprise on you"
Big Daddy

"I eat pieces of crap like you for breakfast." "You eat crap for breakfast?"
Happy Gilmore

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Another Day at the Temple

It always seems like things come up when you have a date to go to the temple. On Thursday, we were ready to go with the time set, friends to watch the kids etc. On Thursday night we weren't quite sure. Friday morning rolls around and we decided that we would just go and let things fall where they may.

Tami met me at the temple because I drove down from work. Friday is usually casual day at work so I had to change into my church clothes in the parking lot of the temple. We went in and just had a great time and we were so glad that we had decided to just make the decision and go. We committed to go monthly at the beginning of the year and we didn't want to let that goal slip by.

That's when it all started. We decided to go around on the toll road because the traffic would be a lot lighter and time wise, it is usually pretty close to going straight up on the freeway. Tami called me on my cell phone and told me that her suburban only had a little bit of gas left. If any of you take that road, you know that once you pass the airport heading north, there isn't much out there. She ran out of gas right in the middle of nowhere. It was a good thing that I was just ahead of her so I pulled over and picked her up. We drove around for 15 minutes trying to find a gas station. By the way if anyone is looking for a good business opportunity, we know of a great location to put in a quick stop. There were all these houses and business with no gas station.

We finally find a station and they have one little 2 gallon can left so we buy it, fill it and head back to her car. As we were getting close to the car, we saw that there was a state trooper behind it just sitting there with his lights on. We couldn't actually get right back to the car so we had to walk across this big ditch and up the other side. Tami was in heals of course. When we get up there, the trooper asks, "who's car is this?" I pointed to Tami and said, "It's hers." One of us had to get home to get the kids so I had stay out of it. We had put our old plates on our car that hadn't been registered yet so he assumed it had been stolen. When he told me that he was getting ready to tow the car, I joked that I wouldn't put any gas in it if they were just going to tow it. He didn't have a sense of humor at that time.

I left Tami there so that I could get the kids and make it home in time for the older boys to make it home from school. As I was pulling into the driveway, the garage door was open. I figured the boys must have gotten home early. I got inside and started calling for the boys but they weren't there. Tami had left the garage door open with our house wide open for four hours while we were gone.

Going to the temple is an amazing thing. Not one time did either of really get upset about any of it. Thanks to some great friends that watched our kids an extra hour, we didn't have to worry about them either. I held back on so many sarcastic remarks that were just right at the end of my tongue. My mouth is actually sore this morning because I held so many of them back and I'm not used to that. Oh I did say one thing. Tami assumed that when you run out of gas, you just couldn't go anywhere but she thought the car would just stay running. I couldn't help but make a few comments on that one. The old saying, "All's well that ends well", definitely applies because we went to the store and bought Tami some of that girl scout cookie icecream. We ended up having a great day and now we know that when the gas guage says empty, it really means empty.

Friday, February 22, 2008


This morning I had to call the Temple to make an appt. for Caleb and I to do some Temple work. While I was on the phone the boys got a little rowdy so I stepped out on the porch to finish my call in silence. When I came back in I told the boys they were naughty for being so noisy when I was calling the TEMPLE!! Silas came up to me and said, "Mom, were you talking to Jesus?" I told him no I wasn't talking to Jesus, just one of his workers. It was so sweet! I guess my little Sunbeam is learning something!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Movie Lines

We were inspired by you Tirsa. Here are some movie lines that we say frequently. I'm sure I'll think of a million more after I post this. Please excuse any inaccuracies. If you know the movies feel free to comment!

"Stay at home and eat all the freakin chips Kip"
"Don't be jealous that I've been chatting online with babes all day, besides we both know I'm training to become a cage fighter."
"Since when Kip, you have the worst reflexes of all time."
"Try and hit me Napoleon."
"I said come down here and see what happens if you try and hit me."

"Give me your tots."

"You can milk anything with nipples."

"Baby steps"

"I'm walkin' through the kitchen with a bowl full of chicken, and I'm putting it Faye and Leo, I mean Dr. Marvin's refrigerate, for the night."

"That John Denver guy's full of crap" (or another word like that)


"Sloth love Chunk"
"Boodie trap, boodie trap" "You mean boobie trap?" "Yeah, that's what I said, boodie trap."

"Fresh breath, it's the priority of my life"

"Come on in and party hard to the person"

"Git R' Done"

"Your hands are freeeheeeheeezing!"

"Get in my belly"

"Go to your home, are you too good for your home?"

"Back to school, back to school, just to prove I'm not a fool."

"Hip, hip hop, hip hop anonymous"

"We wasted the good surprise on you"

"I eat pieces of crap like you for breakfast."
"You eat crap for breakfast?"

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Silas has a little bit of a toe jam obsession. He'll take off his socks several times a day just to check and see if there are any new developments. The other day he got tired of waiting for more to build up in his own toes so he thought it would be a good idea to check Jude's toes. BINGO!!! Now we have to watch him to make sure he doesn't hurt Jude in the hunt.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Animal Rights Day

Today was animal rights day at our house. We were heading back to the house after shopping and we passed some cows out in a field. Silas told us that he liked those cows. I told him that I liked to eat those cows. Silas is our biggest steak eater and he told me that we don't eat cows. They are nice and we don't need to eat them. He also told us, "If we eat cows, that means that they be dieded." Then I had to inform him that the seat he was sitting on was made from a cow and he happened to be wearing leather sandles too. He wasn't convinced of anything. I thought it was over and I was making a type of Argentine steak for dinner and Silas didn't want to eat it. Elias tried to tell him that it was King Soopers meat and not cow meat. We will see how long he holds out because he loves sausage, bacon, ribs, steak, chicken and any other type of meat. Then he told us that we don't eat horses. He said we only ride them because they like that. I responded and told him that horses don't like to be ridden. We argued for a few minutes and then I asked him what the horses would do if they didn't like to be ridden. He said, "They would buck the cowboys off." I think it is time to take Silas to a farm so that he can see where milk, cheese, butter, lamb chops, steaks, pork and chicken come from.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Toy!!!!!!

This isn't the actual picture but it looks almost just like this. It seems like the toy that I have had the longest is my chainsaw so a cat seems like the next reasonable choice. My dad and I bought it together. For some reason, Tami thinks she owns a quarter of it and I own a quarter of it. It will work great for clearing land and building a pond. I should be able to use the cat about as much as I have the last toys I've had (about twice a year) but I am more excited about this one. We had been kind of looking for one since November but we weren't able to convince the other partial owners, my Mom and Tami, that this was a good idea. They must have been watching the boys play outside with their Tonka toys and decided that men still needed something like a Tonka. Either that or they got tired of listening to us whine like little boys until they gave in. Either way, it worked and when I am sitting in my office in the middle of downtown Denver, typing with my un-callused hands, clean finger nails and sissy shoes, I can dream about being out in the woods in my Whites, packing my chainsaw and wearing my White Ox gloves, waiting for the cat to come back for another drag!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Crazy Hair Day

Monday was crazy hair day at School. We actaully remembered for once!!

Isaac wanted us to shave his hair some crazy way but we wouldn't do it because we've deciced he looks like an alien with buzzed hair. We came up with this idea instead which I think is much better! Only next time we'll have to paint something different because the kids said The Pledge of Alliegence to him ALL day long!

Elias looks good with a buzz so we just gave him half a haircut. HAHAHAHA! As you know, kids will be kids. So when they tried to tease him his response was, "Oh yeah? This is what you'll look like when you're 20"! I think we'll paint him next time too. What would kids NOT make fun of?....Yin & Yang? A car? What are some joke free ideas (That I would be capable of doing)?

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Following Tami's Example

1) If it wasn’t for Tami I would be white trash….more white trash than I already am.
2) In high school I wore shorts and t-shirts almost everyday of the year.
3) I enjoy seeing my kids succeed but I also enjoy the lessons of defeat.
4) I learn things quickly and then get bored just as quick. ADD?????
5) Physical labor is what I like doing for vacations.
6) I very rarely studied all through school. Tami made me stop buying textbooks.
7) I am an extreme optimist most of the time.
8) I talk too much in some settings and then regret it. (I’m working on that)
9) I still talk to my Mom and Dad several times a week and will continue to do so.
10) Tami will never know how much her support with my career has helped me to advance.
11) I love going to work everyday.
12) Talking about the future is something I enjoy doing.
13) I started driving when I was 7. It was a stick shift.
14) I got in my first car wreck when I was 8 or 9.
15) I got in my second car wreck when I was 13. (Two vehicle collision and my dad was driving the second vehicle which happened to be a few weeks old)
16) Running a chainsaw is still one of my favorite pastimes. (If you have questions, refer to #5)
17) Clearing land and burning brush gives me great satisfaction.
18) One of my main goals in life is to teach our kids how to work and how to work hard.
19) I have narrowly missed death by a falling tree several times. I wasn’t ever the one falling it. (Sorry I never told you about this Dad)
20) Anything that has an engine is a toy to me.
21) I hate and despise video games. They are a waste of time in my mind. (As I am sitting at a computer typing something that no one will read)
22) I love that when I married Tami, I had no idea what type of mom she would be but that she turned out to be an amazing mom.
23) I keep in contact with all of my brothers and sisters on a regular basis.
24) This may sound really weird, but I love public speaking once the preparation is done.
25) I consider myself as someone who is very self-aware. (I change things that I do after realizing it isn’t correct to become better at something)
26) I grew up water skiing and I still love the water.
27) My high school principal made me run for ASB VP and I didn’t want to win so I didn’t do any preparation and didn’t even have a speech.
28) The girl that was running for president with me wasn’t very happy about it.
29) I enjoy driving in winter time when it is dark and the snow is coming down really hard.
30) I secretly (used to be a secret) wish I could be a logger but realize that I couldn’t hack going up and working that hard every day of the year.
31) I never had the desire to play sports professionally but used it as a way to pay for college.
32) I lived for sports in high school.
33) I don’t really care if my kids play sports but I do want them do push themselves at whatever they do.
34) I had never been to a concert until I married Tami.
35) We rent movies and I never watch them.
36) I usually take charge but sometimes like to just sit back and watch the way others handle situations.
37) I observe other people and watch the way they interact with others.
38) I sometimes feel embarrassed for people even when they don’t realize they should be embarrassed.
39) I’ve always loved math.
40) I have a degree in Petroleum Engineering (Don’t worry, I don’t know what it is either)
41) I usually have a pretty sweet farmers tan every summer.
42) If traffic is stopped, I will drive miles and miles to get around it just to be moving.
43) I get motions sickness very easy.
44) I don’t remember ever puking in my life.
45) I think it’s okay to wear a salmon colored shirt.
46) I am going to teach my kids how to hunt snipes this summer.
47) Snakes scare me more than anything else. (Jokes with snakes are not funny and will usually result in physical harm to the snake and person)
48) Spiders don’t scare me at all.
49) I enjoy walking in the woods at night with snow on the ground and full moon.
50) I really don’t like saggy pants and have actually picked people up by their pants to help them out.
51) Our first real estate flip was a mobile home in Moscow, Idaho.
52) I buy toys, use them and then sell them for about the same price as I bought them after I get bored.
53) I’m not a worrier.
54) I’ve read just about every Louis Lamoure book out there. (You would think by now that I would know that the cowboy was going to get in a gunfight and then get the girl to end the story)
55) I am very interested in people and their most of their stories.
56) I go to bed early and get up early.
57) I’ve never had a speeding ticket.
58) I love motorcycles but will never own one again.
59) I kept a journal every single day of my mission and haven’t written consistently since.
60) Cooking is something I do for fun.
61) I love trying new food and will try just about anything once.
62) I’ve eaten almost every part of a cow and liked most of it.
63) I download piano music and lyrics for singing at home only.
64) I run almost everything I do by Tami first to see what she thinks.
65) I should probably lower my life insurance because Tami was really excited when the statement came.
66) Tami and I got married young so we grew up together and have almost all the same likes and dislikes.
67) When Tami and I get frustrated sometimes we tell each other that we should switch roles. I think if the kids ever overheard that, they would beg Tami to stay home.
68) I know that I can’t do what Tami does and I am always grateful for the time, love and effort she puts into our family.
69) When we bought our first Suburban with two kids, Tami thought it was huge. Now that we have four kids we are wondering if we can stretch it.
70) I’ve always wanted the glass partition that limos have right behind the drivers seat for road trips.
71) I don’t dream of seeing the world, I dream of moving to a small town and raising our kids by family.
72) #71 will most likely not happen for a long time.
73) I didn’t like special teams in football and usually assumed that the people that did had a screw loose.
74) In my last city on my mission in Argentina, I had to convince the people that I wasn’t native. Now I would have to convince them that I even spoke Spanish.
75) Elias was our first child and I worked with him all the time so that he would roll over, crawl and walk before he was supposed to. With Jude, I don’t really care when he reaches those milestones.
76) I played center on the basketball team at 6’1”.
77) I put on a fake tattoo before one of our state basketball games for intimidation. It worked and then I rubbed it off after warm-ups.
78) I killed Hermana Salaberry’s flowers while on my mission from peeing on them every night.
79) I take great pleasure in seeing my boys get potty trained from peeing on trees in our front yard. Our neighbors don’t understand it.
80) I missed weight lifting class in high school and my dad wrote a note saying, “Please excuse Caleb, he was at a knitting conference.” Luckily I caught it before I got there.
81) I had a better relationship with my grandpa than most people do with their dad’s.
82) My older sister and my brother just younger than me didn’t have a curfew but we would take turns locking each other out of the house so that one of us would have to sleep in the garage or our car.
83) I know my dad knew when I came home late because he would wake me up very early at 3:30 or 4:00 AM to go to work on Saturday morning. Please refer to #4.
84) We bought our first piece of land almost a year ago and now I want to buy the entire mountain behind it. I’m an addict.
85) Right now, for me to be a successful parent all of our boys would have to go on missions and get married in the temple.
86) When I was in college, I let my friend change my oil to save money. He drained the oil out of my transmission and put more in the engine. I was stranded with two girls in a very small town in Oregon. It’s not the great situation you would think it would be.
87) One of my vehicles in college had a huge hole in the floor. I had to keep the floor mat over it so that I wouldn’t get wet from splash back.
88) I went to a viewing of my high school girlfriend’s grandma and the only thing I remember was that her watch was still ticking and I could hear it.
89) I consider myself to be good with financial decisions but for some reason, I always get excited about a tax refund. I’m not sure why I get excited about the government saying they are going to give me back some of my money after earning interest on it all year.
90) My little brother crashed into a dock and another boat while he was pulling me water skiing.
91) I will eat anything with chocolate and nothing with coconut.
92) My favorite dish to make is called slop. It’s potatoes, grease, bacon, grease, sausage, grease, onions, grease and peppers.
93) I’ve never had a cavity and would be really mad if I ever did.
94) I hated track but I had to take it because all the football coaches were also track coaches. I didn’t take it my senior year.
95) I usually don’t remember my dreams. The only reason I phrased it that way is because everyone always tells me that everyone has dreams.
96) I’ve woken up in the middle of night when Tami walked in the room and I asked her why she was up. When she said she heard and noise and went to check it out, I asked her why she didn’t wake me up. She said she tried!!!
97) I love that my boys all have different personalities and that I can love all of them the same. I never thought that was possible.
98) I discovered poison ivy when we lived in Louisiana after carrying it by the arm load to our front yard after a hurricane.
99) We have loved every where we live.
100) I love to kill yellow jackets and hornets and destroy their nests. I usually don’t get stung very often but it is still a pretty adrenaline rush.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

100 Facts About Tami

1~ In 7th grade I camped out overnight for New Kids on the Block tickets… 5th row baby! I hear they are getting back together BTW.
2~ I worked at a daycare in HS and college.
3~ I vowed after working there to do my best NOT to put my children in one.
4~ I had a paper route from 4th –7th grade.
5~ I quit in 7th because I became embarrassed of my paper route.
6~ I was a cheerleader from 7th grade through my senior year.
7~ I’ve seen Garth Brooks and Toby Keith in concert twice.
8~ I quit listening to Garth Brooks when he divorced his wife for Trisha Yearwood (LOSER).
9~ I stayed home and sat out a hurricane (big mistake-would leave next time).
10~ I don’t like watching other people’s kids. It stresses me out.
11~ I hate “Come Buy My Crap” parties.
12~ I’m a do it yourself type of person (e.g. sink installation, painting, furniture assembly, taxes etc.)
13~ I get lightheaded around needles.
14~ I can’t stand when my kids are sick.
15~ I love when my boys reach a new milestone.
16~ Newborns are my least favorite baby stage.
17~ I love the conversations Caleb and I have on road trips.
18~ I’ve lived in 5 states.
19~ The most fun was Louisiana. We’d move back in a heartbeat.
20~ I didn’t have an email account until my freshman year in college.
21~ I also quit listening to Vince Gill when he divorced his wife for Amy Grant.
22~ I’m not a cryer.
23~Also not much of a hugger.
24~ I consider myself to be quite frugal.
25~ I think pyramid schemes are just that, SCHEMES.
26~ I love most reality shows. Incidentally, I think Caleb could win Survivor and do well on American Idol.
27~ I like to watch football and gymnastics.
28~ I took quite a few years of gymnastics but never progressed beyond a back handspring.
29~ I used to unwrap, peek at and rewrap my Christmas presents.
30~ I hate waiting for surprises.
31~ I love the fries at Red Robin.
32~ Rice krispy treats are one of my favorite desserts.
33~ Raspberry cheesecake is a close second.
34~ For the most part I don’t like chocolate. I make exceptions for choc. covered strawberries, kit kat and milky ways.
35~ I’m good at playing Boggle.
36~ Caleb and I rarely play games with each other because we both can’t stand losing.
37~ I’m legally blind.
38~ I wish I could sing well.
39~ I had a full ride scholarship in college for Accounting.
40~ I didn’t graduate because Caleb and I decided not to put our family off.
42~ We have been blessed ever since for that decision.
43~ I hate public speaking.
44~ That includes public teaching as well! (hint, hint to anyone with Church power).
45~ I love Jazzercise and wish there was a class here.
46~ I don’t like to leave my kids with very many people. I have a small list.
47~ I always wanted to be a Mickey Mousekateer as a kid.
48~ I played the piano for 2 years. However, once the fingering notes disappeared, I could no longer play.
49~ I was a 4.0 student in High School.
50~ I need to converse with adults daily.
51~ I never thought I’d be a Mom to boys.
52~ I have permission to paint my commode room pink but haven’t taken the time to do it yet.
53~ I enjoy being a homebody, most of the time.
54~ Once I had kids my adventuresome side disappeared.
55~ I gave up being the one to keep up with old friends.
56~ I like jewelry but I can’t stand spending money to buy it.
57~ I know how to smock and make a cute Bishop’s style dress but have no daughters to use this talent for.
58~ If I had a daughter I’d prefer more heirloom type clothes than trendy.
59~ She’d also have an old-fashioned name, again not trendy.
60~ I grew up watching cartoons like, The Gummy Bears, Thundercats, Gem, and He-man.
61~ I’ve always wanted perfectly straight hair.
62~ I used to be a “Little Vandal” – A junior basketball handling team for the University of Idaho. We were on ESPN as we performed during the halftime of a Trailblazers/Clippers game.
63~ I was also on a jump roping trick team and was on ESPN again. This time during the halftime of a WSU b-ball game.
64~ I was the President of my High School’s Business Professionals of America team.
65~ I’m a big online shopper. Mostly Amazon, Children’s Place and Gymboree.
66~ I love The Office.
67~ Mamba is one of my favorite candies. Not the lemon and orange ones though.
68~ I would much rather have diarrhea than throw up.
69~ I basically had a fullett (female mullet) in the 3rd grade.
70~ I had a crush on John Kuska from 2nd-6th grade.
71~ I love flannel sheets and pj’s.
72~ I sleep with socks on.
73~ I have very vivid dreams with people I know in them.
74~ I have a recurring dream that I’m in HS, my senior year but I have all my kids and I keep calling in sick for all the games cuz I know I won’t fit into my cheerleading uniform (nightmare).
75~ I have another recurring dream that we’ve bought a new house and discover an attic full of all sorts of awesome stuff that takes me days to go through (good dream).
76~ Caleb made a rule when we were first married that “shut up” was off limits. As a result I frequently resort to “shut your pie hole”.
77~ I moved to Texas when I was 7 months pregnant, had a baby (Elias) and moved back to Montana when he was 2 and a half weeks old.
78~ I’ve taught my kids the correct anatomical names for their private parts.
79~ I like to color pictures with Silas but hate it when he colors on my page and messes up my work of art.
80~ I never owned a real Cabbage Patch doll until I was 28.
81~ I love to snuggle on a couch with Isaac and watch America’s Funniest Home videos and listen to him giggle.
82~ I could NEVER love a pet like a family member.
83~ I love that Jude is chunky!
84~ I like having conversations about school subjects with Elias. It amazes me what the kid knows.
85~ I also love when he asks me a question about something he’s learning and I know the answer.
86~ I would be happy never leaving a 10 mile radius of my home.
87~ I’m NOT a scenic route type of person. I just like to GET THERE!
88~ I’m ticked that I paid a sitter so Caleb and I could go Caucus just to have Mitt drop out 2 days later.
89~ I don’t like scenery and Caleb hates going to movies and out to dinner so we have a hard time coming up with date ideas.
90~I don’t like to sew but I can (a little).
91~ I hate gardening of all kinds, plants, veggies EVERYTHING!
92~ I like mowing the lawn. Instant gratification. I even do it when I’m pregnant (sometimes).
93~ As part of my dislike for surprises I convinced all my Dr.’s to induce me early with all 4 boys.
94~ I also paid to have EARLY social scans with the last three to find out the sex. 15 weeks gestation was all we needed to see what they were!
95~ Christmas is my favorite holiday. It comes and goes way too quickly though. We generally start listening to Christmas music after the first snow (October).
96~ My favorite Christmas CD is the Riga boys choir, a random bargain bin buy that we LOVE!
97~ I wish I cared more about politics. I did caucus for the first time ever though.
98~ I get very grouchy when I’m doing housework. I really don’t mind doing it I just don’t like to talk much during.
99~ I’d pay someone $1000 bucks per child to come and potty train my kids.
100~I miss Caleb when he’s out of town A LOT, but am also proud to be able to manage on my own when I have to.