Monday, November 15, 2010


... is pretty good at being noncommittal this week.
Example 1: "Mom, will you check to see if I have a sore throat?"
Example 2: "Mom, what is something really important to me?"
Example 3:  Caleb: Elias, what are some things that you need to improve in your life?
                   Elias:  Basically, everything Isaac just said.

Is this laziness? teenagerhood? what?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kwik Karma

Silas and Karma are becoming good friends.  Frequently when Silas has done something mean to his brothers something bad happens to him right away.  Today is another prime example of this theory.  Silas is home from school today with pink eye.  After his Dr. appointment we stopped at a grocery store to grab a few things.  I got out of the car, Silas got out and Jude was still in the car messing around.  Silas begins to tell me, "Jude's out and on his way into the store", (LIE) and slammed his door shut right on his thumb. It instantly had a pool of blood form under the nail.  It hurt him really badly.  So as we sat on the curb and hugged it out I had to giggle to myself.  Thank you Karma, for taking a turn to teach Silas a life lesson!