Friday, January 29, 2010

All Things Isaac

Today was ALL about Isaac.  I was not looking forward to having to go to all of his ceremonies today but realized quickly that this is actually a great thing to HAVE to go to. The day began with the All A's Honor Roll Breakfast.  He works really hard to keep good grades.  His LOWEST A was a 96%, the rest were up from there!

Here is Isaac standing next to his art work that was one of only a few in the whole school that was selected to be displayed in honor of the visiting children's author, Laurie Keller.

Isaac and the only other boy in his class to make the A Honor Roll.

Later this afternoon the school had their Hall of Fame walk for the students who'd earned ten behaviour stars.  They don't give them out too easily so Isaac was very excited to finally get ten!  He and his good friend Jaks made it in the club at the same time.  The kids did a parade around the school while the other students all came out and SCREAMED for them.  They really felt like rock stars.

Isaac and Jaks are the ones making eye contact with the camera.

The last half of the day was on Caleb's watch so there are NO pictures.  Tonight, Isaac earned his Bear at Pack Meeting.  I opted to stay home with the other kids because I didn't think they had enough time to get his patch.  So he's now a Bear!  Lastly, he earned the Gold award for the uniform inspection.  At every Pack Mtg. they have a uniform inspection and they give awards for the top three most correct, neat uniforms.  Isaac takes his presentation very seriously and was finally rewarded for it.  So even though it was a long day of honoring Isaac it was worth it.  We love him so much and are so proud of the young man he's becoming!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Old Town Spring

Caleb's sister Maggie is here for a few days so we went to Old Town Spring to do a little shopping and found some fun places for pix.

Kris, here is the hot pink house you have to come back for!

Silas' mouth was full of gum.

Here are some more pictures from our day.  I normally don't like buying anything there but found a fun shop that was having a 50% off everything sale.  A girl can't turn down 50% off (and no sales tax)!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Work Hard & Play Hard

We started our day with a big breakfast to gear us up for the work ahead of us.  Jude has remnants of his food on his face.

...and more remnants of lunch here.

This is what we did...laid sod.  Caleb has a coworker who just bought a new house but is having a pool put in next week so he didn't want all the newly laid sod to go to waste.  So the boys all went and pulled up the grass, loaded it in the pickup and then we all worked to get it down here.  It was quite a bit of work and we still could use A LOT more.

We had a fire to get rid of all the leaves and sticks we raked up so of course we had to have hot dogs and marshmallows.

Combination of smoke in the face and over tired baby.

The perfect golden brown!

Time to wash the pickup...I think he just finished saying something like, "put down the camera and pick up a sponge."

Everyone needs to wash their transportation.

Now time for PLAY!

The ants are back to work.

We left our awesome Rainbow play set in Denver and traded it in for a tree swing.

Getting ready to release the underdog.

There he goes!

Can you believe how long his hair is? I mean, can you believe that we've allowed him to let it get that long? I keep telling him I like it short and he says he doesn't care. Must be part of the tweener stage.

Isaac loves climbing this tree.

Friday, January 22, 2010

New (to me) Camera!

I finally got a new camera.  I'm not promising great pictures but am hoping for a significant improvement!! Yes that is Jude with his shirt off outside in January.  It was in the upper 70's today and he pretty much strips down to his skivvies all the time anyway.

Jude loving the outdoors on this gorgeous clear day.

I was trying to get some good pics of Silas and he was giving me some really awkward smiles. I was complaining about his unnatural smile and he told me that's how all Zimmerman's smile...true.

Peek a boo!

Love this one of Silas.  I told him to stop smiling and this is what I got!
So, expect more pictures with our posts. I'm really excited.  Caleb never knows what to get me for Christmas so the last few years he's wised up to the "here's some money to get what you really want" gifts.  I used that to buy my camera from my bestie!! Thanks Caleb and Kris!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Naughty Boys

Yesterday Jude was in my room harassing me while I ironed clothes.  He started playing with the charge cord for our spotlight.  I saw him pretend to plug it into my elliptical machine.  After a minute he said to me, "Mom, fire fire!". He was quite excited.  I decided I'd better go see what he was talking about. When he touched the connector of the charge cord to a screw on my elliptical it shot out sparks...sure enough, my two year old made a fire! Scary...

Also yesterday, I had a disturbing conversation with Silas.  Went something like this...
Silas: Mom, guess what the most ticklish part of your body is?
Me: Your feet?
Silas: Nope
Me: Your armpits?
Silas: Nope
Me: I give up, what?
Silas: It's your penis (giggles)
That was the opener for our conversation about NOT tickling our penises.  It seriously never ends with the boy!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Our Texas Christmas was a lot of fun.   It was really relaxing to just hang with each other and do our own thing.  Caleb and I were pleasantly surprised that Elias and Isaac could actually give us a run for our money with board games this year. It was actually fun to play with them. We struggled getting into the Christmas spirit without having snow to take us there but I think we managed to pull it off in time. When all the Christmas songs that mention snow don't apply it made it a little tricky. Everyone down here says we'll get used to it...we'll see about that. 

As usual we put up wrapping paper so the boys couldn't sneak into the living room.  They love running through in on Christmas morning as well.

Here are our pictures.  Unfortunately the quality is bad.  I think it's about time we invest in a new camera. Ugh!