Friday, October 31, 2008


Tami bought little weenies and wrapped them with some type of dough to make mummies. They are small but they are really good. We were talking with Silas and for some reason, we started calling them Hallowieners. We started joking around about other types of weenies. I asked him, "What other types of wieners are there?" I should have known better than to ask a 4 year old about that when he has two older brothers. All he answered was, "dog". I assumed he meant hot dogs so I laughed and told him that he was right, hot dogs are wieners. I asked him if there were any other types of wieners that he knew about and that's when it came out. His response was great, "Yeah, people wieners." I had no idea that he knew slang terms like that. It's no wonder the little brother always learns the naughty things much quicker than the older brothers learned them. Elias "was a fan" of Santa Claus until about the third grade(don't want to ruin it for anyone, although the weenie comments probably stopped most people from reading this normally PG rated blog. Isaac stopped being a fan last year and he was in first grade. Silas will probably know in Kinder garden.

On another note, once kids start shaving isn't that a good sign that trick or treating is almost coming to an end? Each year people older and older are out there with the kids. It kind of reminds me of Brett Favre!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008


This last week has been a tough one for Silas and the toilet. He's had a few accidents which is really unusual for him. He had a perfect day today as far as the toilet goes so tonight I let him have a bubble bath (as opposed to the cold showers he got yesterday to "clean" him up and teach him a little lesson). While he was bubbling it up I decided to do a super deep clean on his bathroom. I scoured the toilet, walls, baseboards, garbage can, plunger, basically everything within pee shot. Tonight, after he'd been sleeping for two hours I heard him crying so I came to check on him. I saw his bathroom light on and was worried he might be in there with the stomach flu. I walked in to find that he had just finished peeing with the LID DOWN!!! That's right, pee on all surfaces of the toilet, walls, garbage can and floor! Are you kidding me??? So, he pulled up his pants and sleep walked back to bed while I began the whole scouring process over AGAIN! At least he tried to do the right thing.

Friday, October 10, 2008

First Sight

I can't even explain the joy that was overflowing yesterday!

Pacing Mommy

We teased Kris that she was wearing a hole in the ground with her pacing. I will admit it was a pretty intense 30 minutes waiting for her to come up the escalator.
She does this super cute head bobbing move! Love it!

Clapping and Maddie's Kiss

It was so fun to see her be so animated! Maddie has been dying to be able to kiss her new sister. She finally got her moment!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Malia is Here!!!

I have 7 vidoes but they take forever to load so I'll do them one post at a time. She's absolutley perfect!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tabasco vs Tobacco

We were having family home evening on Monday and sometimes we have the boys teach us about different principles of the gospel.(Usually that means that Tami and I didn't have a lesson prepared) We spoke about faith, repentance, baptism and the Holy Ghost. Then we got on to other topics like the Word of Wisdom. There have always been personal interpretations of the Word of Wisdom but we try to teach exactly what it says and let the boys decide. I guess that backfired. Elias said that we couldn't use tobacco and that we couldn't drink tea, coffee or alcohol. Isaac piped up and said, "Dad always uses Tabasco." Tami wanted to know if we needed to have a little talk about what I did when she wasn't around. Cigarettes=tobacco, spicy red stuff on eggs=Tabasco. I do have to admit that it is a habit that I picked up when we lived in Louisiana. Just so we aren't spreading false doctrine, Tabasco is not mentioned in the Word of Wisdom that I know of. I have heard that it really does help keep kids from being sassy, mouthy and from saying bad things. It would never work on our kid because they love it.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Are We Done Yet?

Elias' football season has been in full swing since mid August and although they are on a winning streak I think we're all pretty much ready for the season to be over. Every year after his first game, Caleb gives Elias a humbling, rude awakening father/son talk which results in tears and hopefully a better resolve to try harder and toughen up. E loves being a part of the team and seems to have taken on the role of undesignated cheer-leader. When I say cheerleader I don't mean skirts and pom poms but he's a definite raw raw boy out there. When the boys are lined up for defense waiting on the offense to get out of their huddle he'll start chants like, E:What time is it? Defense: Sack time! (Repeated over and over) or E:Who's House? Team: Our house! And there are more! I know it has to KILL Caleb to see Elias be such a raw raw out there and it's even embarrassing for me a little. We've talked about having him not play football because of his size and the time commitment but I'm afraid if he didn't have football he'd definitely want to be cheering in a much more unacceptable capacity. On a brighter side of the sport Elias has FINALLY stepped it up these last few games and played OUTSTANDING!! He's really turned a corner and been so tough and made his tackles and kept contain (I think that's what you call it). The team is on a three game winning streak which is why Caleb hasn't reprimanded Elias for his cheering ability. For some reason he really does have the ability to get the team fired up. As long as he's wearing cleats and shoulder pads I guess we can live with it.

Isaac and Silas have been good sports about football this year too. With practices 3 times a week for 2 hrs a night plus games on Saturdays that end up taking at least 4 to 5 hours of our day the boys get a lot of time to play around at the field. Isaac loves going to the swampy areas and finding all sorts of creatures; bugs, snakes, grasshoppers, etc. He usually catches something, brings it over to show me and gross me out and then continues to love (torture) whatever it is to death. At last Saturday's game Isaac took his torture to a new level. He showed me a couple grasshoppers during the game which I finally told him I really didn't need to see anymore of those creepy things. After the game when we were all walking to the car Isaac told Elias to look in his thermos. Elias unscrewed the lid and looked in to find TWO drowned grasshoppers!!! Elias swears he wasn't drinking his water during the game (the coaches bring a cooler of Gatorade and as we learned from The Water Boy movie, "Gatorade is better"). It was so disgusting and Isaac is in trouble and will be sterilizing Elias' thermos but Caleb and I were totally laughing in disguise. You gotta love little brothers!!