Saturday, January 31, 2009

Stung in the Winter

I was sitting at the computer a few nights ago when Silas came out of his bedroom and told me that some cord had stung him. At first I thought it might be static electricity and didn't think too much about it. I asked him how it stung him and he told me it happened right while he was putting it in the socket. After a few questions he told me that he had his fingers on the metal part while he was putting it into the wall. I wanted to make fun of him a little bit but Tami was sitting right by me and it was only a few weeks earlier that I got shocked with 220 while trying to fix the dishwasher. I was pretty amazed at the extra "sting" that 220 had compared to 110. If she wouldn't have seen me jump backward and cut my hand on dishwasher parts as I was fleeing from whatever bit me, I might have had a better chance of not being made fun of by Tami.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Piano Practice

Jude loves to help Elias with his piano practice!

You can tell from the mistakes that Elias is making that this must be how he's counting!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Farewell President Bush

I had the opportunity to be in Midland, Texas the same day that President Bush flew in which was inauguration day. I was staying in the Hilton where the event was held. I didn't actually get to attend the speech but it was broadcast on all the local news stations. I did however get to see Air force One which was not actually the name because it didn't have the President on board. It had the ex-president. It was pretty neat to hear his speech.

He had a lot of good comments in his speech. He said that during his presidency, we were never attacked once on our soil after 9/11 and 50 million people were freed. He also said that he always did what he thought was best for the country and he didn't let opinion polls and approval ratings change his mind. The final statement that I really liked was that history will tell whether he was a good president or not. It will be an exciting day when the first missionaries enter Iraq. There are a lot of things that I didn't agree with Bush on but he knew what he stood for and he didn't back down. I appreciate that he stood for what was right.

I couldn't help but notice during the inauguration that President and Laura Bush were extremely classy individuals. I was however very disappointed in most of the remarks that President Obama made about the past. I wish him the best in the next four years and even if I don't agree with him, I will support him.

Don't worry...political posts will not be the norm here.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Today was a really LONG day for Silas. We went to the Zoo and between "free day" at the Zoo and Museum AND a MLKJ day rally at the neighboring park there was NO close parking. We probably parked a mile away. The kids had a lot of fun but for a little guy like Silas that is a lot of exercise. So... it's now 6:40 pm and I just put him to bed for the night. You know how there are happy drunks, mean drunks, violent drunks, flirty drunks??? I believe there are different types of overtired's as well. Silas is a mean, ornery, name calling overtired. Since he was displaying all the before mentioned signs of tiredness I decided an early bedtime was appropriate. The process of getting him to bed included lots of screaming, yelling, crying, running away, kicking while being carried up to his room, fighting the putting on of his pj's, wishing he was older like his brothers so he could stay up later and a little bit of apologizing hoping it would buy him some more time. When it was time for him to say his prayer he refused but after a second he said, "Wait, I'll say it...(In an angry voice) Dear Heavenly Father, Thanks for the day (he's so set in his same old prayer he couldn't leave that line out) Make my Mom NEVER put me to bed early... DONE, I'm not saying Amen!" What a dear, sweet soul huh?

Sunday, January 18, 2009


We have really been slacking lately with the blog. Good thing it wasn't one of our New Years resolutions. We are back in the swing of things and everything seems to be back to normal. As all of you know, normal like beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

We had a heartbreaker basketball game with Elias' team on Saturday. We were leading the whole game until about the last 2 minutes. The other team scored and they took the lead by 1 point. In the final 30 seconds or so, they fouled one of our players and he got to shoot two. He missed the first one but then put the second one in. The ref had blown the wistle before the shot though because the kids weren't lined up correctly. He shot again and didn't make it. We got the ball back and they fouled us again. Another player made both shots on the 1 and 1 to give us the lead. With seven seconds left, we fouled one of their players and he ended up making both shots on the 1 and 1 to give them the lead. We didn't have enough time to get another good shot. It was a great game. The parents and all the people in the stands were going crazy, the coaches and kids were going crazy and it was a lot of fun. I think every single player was in tears after the game.

Once the game finished, Isaac and I rushed off to the cub scout klondike in 60 degree weather. (I love klondikes like that) He went and did a few things there and then we took off to meet Tami. Isaac has wanted to try sushi for quite awhile. I really didn't think he would like it so we have been putting it off. I was completely wrong. It was so funny to see Isaac with his chopsticks picking up the huge bites and putting them in his mouth. He tried just about everything. He started with a California roll and then moved on to a spicy tuna roll. After that, he was ready for the good stuff. He ate salmon, yellow fin tuna, white tuna, eel, shrimp and several others. Tami on the other hand, gagged on the California roll and that was the end of her experience. I finally have a little sushi buddy that is willing to try just about anything.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Our Trip to Idaho

Isaac got a digital camera for Christmas so all these photos are from his camera. It's a much nicer camera than mine so I was quite annoyed that he LOST the thing about 12 times during the week!!

Grandpa's Sledding Hill

Caleb's Dad made this WICKED sledding hill! For most of those sledding, "Wicked" meant freaking awesome. For me it was FREAKING wicked! I got to the top and was ready to BAIL. I told Frank (Caleb's Dad) that I was going to walk down. He wouldn't let me. I screamed the whole way down. Caleb asked if I was saying naughty words. I told him that I had to scream to hold in all the naughty words. This video is of Silas going about 40 miles an hour, FACE FIRST down the hill and loving every minute of it. What you can't see in the video is the first half of the hill which is the STEEPESET part! I do have to say that getting to ride up on the RAZR and just ride down was sweet!