Friday, September 16, 2011

Long Time No See

It has been forever since I've blogged. I've pretty well given up on it.  I know I need to be better so I'm going to start slow.

Jude: Turned 4 this week.  I'm so sad that my baby is so big and yet not baby hungry at all! He started a new preschool this year and is loving it.  Just twice a week for 3 hours but that's a perfect amount of time for me to get my shopping done alone.  He is still a crazy, funny and sweet kid.

Silas:  Is about to be 7, in the 1st grade and still ornery!  The whole 3rd child thing definitely rings true for him.  He's very competitive, sensitive and feisty.  He loathes his brothers and loves his friends.  He can't wait until he's old enough for contacts.  We are trying to find something for him that will be "just his thing" so he can have successes that won't be compared to the other boys.

Isaac:  Just earned his Arrow of Light in Cub Scouts and will soon be old enough to start the regular Boy Scouts of America program and is really excited to get going.  He's a great student, self motivated, organized and clean.  He's playing basketball, on the student council, starting trombone in band and loves spending time with his friends.  Great friend, crummy brother!

Elias:  Is in the planning process of his Eagle Project and I think he's nailed down an actual idea.  He's hoping to finish that out before the end of the year. He's running cross country, playing basketball, playing piano, taking spanish classes and self learning to play the ukulele/classical guitar/electric guitar.  He does well in school but drives me crazy with his procrastination! He is always volunteering to watch his brothers so Caleb and I can go on a date and that is awesome.  He's beginning to show small signs of being a rotten teenager but we are staying on top of him so far!

Caleb and I are still doing boot camp every morning at 530am.  The rest of our time is consumed with kids' activities.  We're going to go dove hunting tonight at the lease.  Caleb bought me my own shotgun (and I had to get some cute girl camo and snake proof boots) so I will be getting in on the action this time too.  Should be interesting!