Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crawfish Again

Elias doing the Bungee trampoline.
Today was our neighborhood Crawfish Boil.  I was not excited about going after attending the neighborhood Trunk or Treat but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.  This event was so well planned and all the entertainment was included with our food ticket prices.  The weather was gorgeous, tons of fun things for the kids to do, food was great and music was just right too.  We went early so we didn't have to deal with lines or drunks!

Silas on the boucny slide.  He and Jude LOVED this and for a long time they were the only two on it.
Caleb with a big 'ol crawfish tail.  He really missed this while we were in Denver.
Isaac loves crawfish too.  I have to say that they are really pretty whey they're cooked.  Love the color.
Jude was more into the snow cones and cup cakes.
As usual I was camera lady so there are no pix of me. Not always a bad thing!

It's Potty Time

I've been saying for months that I would potty train Jude after Easter and hope to be done before we leave for the summer.  Easter came and passed and yet I didn't have the motivation to get going.  We finally decided to make a trip to the Dollar Store and buy a bunch of junk and prizes and make an attempt at it.  We only really started on Tuesday but he's been doing great.  Not done yet but really good progress.  Between him squeezing out only drops of pee so he can get the next prize and Silas "cheering him on" for prizes our bucket is nearly empty.  Every time he goes we all sing (Pee pee, pee pee in the potty, la di dah di dah di, pee pee, poo poo poooooooootttttyyyyy), and do a dance and then let him blow out a candle and pick a prize. So far he's still motivated.  We'll see how this next week goes!
How's that for a poop face?  Deep in concentration.  I have to say that it's pretty exciting knowing this is the last time I'll have to potty train a child!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

All Tuckered Out

This is the picture Caleb just sent me from Elias' Scout campout.  Apparently camping with the Scouts is the same thing as a slumber party... up all night.  This was today after no sleep and a 5 mile hike.  I'm sure Caleb has all sorts of stories to share about it when he gets home but whether or not he'll put them on here is questionable.