Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Angry Faces
Watch out.
Good night.
Sweet sunrise while waiting for the bus.
Isaac's science fair project....3rd place!
Freezing fisherman.
Isaac has the best luck.

He even removes his own hooks.
He caught TWO fish.
Full time pole fixer.
Isaac, my turn, my turn!
Silas gave up and went to play on the playground. The FIRST cast on his pole, Jude caught a cat fish.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Honor Choir

Elias' choir teacher strongly encouraged Elias to try out for the CISD Intermediate School Honor Choir.  Last Saturday was the big day.  I was amazed with how STRICT the auditions were.  There were over 300 kids trying out for 50 spots.  Once you arrived you were given your number and audition time slot.  The kids were not allowed to use any electronics once they walked in the door so there could be no more practicing.  After they made the no electronics announcement there were some people singing in groups to practice. Shortly after that they announced that there could be NO singing in the holding room either.  They had 3 different tryout rooms with 4 judges in each.  There were not a lot of boys trying out so I thought that would give Elias a leg up until they explained that the judges would be behind a black curtain and they wouldn't see any of the auditioners.  There went that theory.  So the kids were lined up in their order and taken to their assigned room.  When it was their turn they walked into the room and took their place at the mark and set up their music.  They were not allowed to speak so the judges would never hear their speaking voices.  An assistant would ask the singer if they were ready and if they were they nodded yes.  Once the music began there was no starting it over.  The kids were given a score and the top 50 scorers made the choir.  It was a crazy process but fun to see.  So, why all the details??? With no MALE advantage at all Elias earned a spot in the choir!!! He's singing ALL the time and it drives me crazy when it's during a meal, movie or conversation but he's really a good singer.  Last week at church I noticed he was singing the alto part to the hymns and I was so jealous because I NEED to sing alto as well but don't know how to read/hear music.  Guess I can follow along with him.  When Caleb and I were first married we joined the Church choir.  I was pretty sure the altos on either side of me were totally annoyed that I was there always on the verge of throwing them off pitch!  So here's to Elias getting Caleb's musical skills!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mop Chop Shop

Last night Caleb decided it was time to cut all the boys hair. I was sad to see Jude's curls go but it's not his first haircut so I know they'll grow back.  He does look like a little man again.
I hardly even recognize Silas with this buzz cut. He looks a lot like Isaac I'm thinking. Silas was watching me write this post and was put out that were not more words under his photo. He says, "I love Maddie, I promise Maddie I'll come get her to come back to Texas so she can come and live with me and my brothers, forever I love her."
Isaac's been sporting this look for a little while. In fact he didn't really need it cut again but was feeling left out.  I didn't want to spend the time cutting his hair unnecessarily so I said he could cut it himself.  He was all over that idea.  You can't really mess up a buzz but it was hilarious to see what all needed fixed when he was done.
Oh yeah!! No boy was left untouched by the clippers! I have hated Elias' hair long.  It made me think "duh doh di dee doh" every time I saw him.  He still wanted it long but when we offered him cash to cut it he sold out pretty cheap!!
Here's the man who started all the cuts.  He cuts his hair like every 6 weeks so that's not a new concept.  Jude was refusing a photograph here.  He thought by hiding his face I wouldn't get a shot of him. HA! Turned out to be a better shot of his cut after all.  I think I filled half my trash can with hair. Oh BOYS!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

One Trick Pony

Finito! Terminado! Done!  My goal at the beginning of this week was to make ONE curtain.  With nine windows in need of coverings the whole job seemed a lot overwhelming. So, Wednesday I made one for the laundry room (it's plain white and the same design, not photo worthy) and then decided that same day during Jude's nap I could bust out two more SMALL ones for the bathroom windows.  After that I had the bug to get it done.  I can't stand knowing I've started something and not just work my tail off to finish. Plus I converted my office into my sewing room and didn't want to have to keep getting out and putting away all the supplies. So ever since then I've had a one track mind.  And I'm sure you've noticed that the style is the same on all of the curtains I made.  Thank you to Kris for pointing out that most people all have panel curtains on their windows so I'm not concerned.  We do have panels in the bedrooms so there is some variety in the home!  I'm so sick of sewing and my machine is sick of being used.  By the end of my project I was sweet talking, dirty talking and kissing my machine to keep it going! I love the end of a big project like this because it makes my regular daily chores look appealing agian!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I've decided it's finally time to get the windows in all the living areas covered.  Yesterday I began/practiced on the laundry room and a couple small bathroom windows.  Today I did the living room. It was the one I was most nervous to do. Four down, five to go!