Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You Can Milk Anything With Nipples

Silas had his dogs "feeding each other" this morning. If you look close you will see 6 dogs all drinking milk from another dog. It's one big breakfast train. The biggest dog is getting shafted though. It took great effort to not let him see me laughing at this set up. True to Silas form!

Texas School Days

So the day finally came. The boys have been back in school for 3 days now. Isaac loves riding the bus and has fit into the new routine seamlessly. We finally got E's bus situation figured out today. The bus was apparently coming 15 minutes earlier than it should have so we missed it the first two days. He's pretty emotional but says everything is going well. It's a big transition for him to move to a new state, ride a bus with 5-8th graders, have a locker w/ combo and adjust to rotating classes all at once. He's being a trooper and staying positive on the outside even though I know it's a little stressful for him. He has baseball tryouts this Saturday and will soon be playing fall baseball and hopefully making friends that will be in his school. He's totally bummed about missing football this season but next year he'll play on the school team on a gorgeous field at a beautiful school. The schools here are a lot stricter than in Colorado. Yes Ma'am and yes sir's are required. Late assignments can only receive a max of 70% grade. You have to have a school issued window permit to pick up your child. If you miss school for anything other than illness (which has to be proven with a Dr's note), you're ability to do make up work is very limited. Dress codes are strict and heavily enforced (no short shorts, spaghetti straps, flip flops, tanks, earrings that hang below the lobe, etc). Hair can only be natural colors (brown, blond, red, black). I know I'm missing many more criteria. That being said, the schools are awesome. I know they'll get a good education. Elias tested into the Gifted Program and has most his classes with the gifted community. The band started in 5th here so he would have to have private lessons to catch up to them. Piano isn't an option in band or orchestra so he's going to do choir instead. We don't have time to maintain two instruments. Getting him to practice one takes a herculean effort in itself. We gave him the choice of band and no sports or choir and sports. He of course chose the latter. But if anyone tries to tease him for choir he has the excuse that his p's made him do it in exchange for sports. I think that's acceptable. He's a pretty good singer (when he turns off his opera voice) and has a good ear for music so I'm hoping choir will be cake for him! I think I found a piano teacher for him who will come to OUR house for lessons! Can NOT tell you how this excites me. Also think I found a violin teacher for Isaac right here in the subdivision. Also, his bus driver just got a SWEET,new, pimped out bus with AC! E's bus is still the old Sweaty Betty. All in all I think we're beginning to wrangle this here state (knock on wood).

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Going Crazy!

I don't understand all my friends saying how much they'll miss their kids once they're back in school. I'm going absolutely crazy with these four boys at home. We're not used to the heat yet so the boys last about 15 minutes a day outside. This leaves them in the house the rest of the day. They're over each other, I'm over them fighting, and we're all over the tension. I'm really excited for everyone to get a little space from each other so we can appreciate our time together again! I'm nervous for them to start new schools with no friends but am hoping by the end of next week we'll all be happy and comfortable in our new routine.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pull ups

Isaac 3 Elias 0. At least it is easy to improve from 0. I do have to admit that I probably couldn't lift my sloppy body one time either. I never have been good at pull ups. In fact, I always hated them and I think I still do but I will never do them again to find out.

Elias is now signed up for news letters that come out from the Airforce Academy. They start sending things out when they are in the sixth grade. We got him all signed up and then they send a confirmation e-mail out to make sure everything is correct. Elias checked his email and said, "Dad, I got an email from the Airforce Academy". He thought it was pretty cool. This may give him incentive to work on his pull ups, sit ups and push ups.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sibling Competition

Elias has been working on some of his scouting stuff and this morning we had him do his push ups and sit ups to see how many he could do. Elias did his and once it started to hurt a little bit, he quit. He only did 15 push ups and 16 sit ups. Isaac decided he wanted to try it out too and did 20 push ups and 70 sit ups. After Isaac blew Elias out of the water, Elias wanted to do it again and try a little bit harder. He ended up doing 33 sit ups and that was all he could do. They moved onto the standing long jump. Isaac beat Elias by about 2 inches in that too. Isaac is quite a bit more intense than Elias in most things. We still have to do pull ups and the 1/4 mile run. That should happen today too and then there will be another update.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Caleb's Favorite

It's been another LONG summer

I thought last summer was a long one because we moved houses and had to stay in an apartment for a month. This summer has turned out to be a repeat only we don't have friends down here to hang I can truthfully say I'm looking forword to school starting. There will be less fighting/wrestling, much easier shopping, and hopefully the boys will make some friends. I'm hoping to find some ME time in there somewhere also. Enjoy the song I'll be humming for the next few weeks (thanks Vicki for reminding me of it)!