Thursday, December 31, 2009


One of our family traditions on Christmas Eve is to drive around looking at homes decorated in lights.  Jude LOVED this!  Every time we passed a home that was decorated Jude would exclaim, "Mom, I found Christmas, I found Christmas!".  I have to say, the amount of homes with lights here was kind of disappointing.  However, there was one neighborhood by our church that rented a bucket lift and every home went ALL OUT!  Tons of people were always driving through with the car lights off to get the full effect.  There, Jude was "finding Santa Claus, and snowman too". He was a lot of fun this Christmas.  On Christmas morning when he realized that we were finally allowed to open presents he went crazy opening anything he could get his hands on.  When he's hungry now he'll get a plate out of the cupboard and bring it to us and say "dinner, dinner".  Guess that boy likes a home cooked meal more than snacks. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas (mostly Grandparent material)

The boys were dressed in their Sunday best and gathered to sing some Christmas songs while they waited for me to get ready for church...only took longer cuz I had to grab the camera!

Away in a Manger
Picture a Christmas
Christmas Bells
Silent Night
Guard Him Joseph
Mary's Lullaby

Monday, December 14, 2009

Silas Again

Tami is still in New York and I am playing Mister Mom.  I was changing Jude's diaper this morning and I told him that he needed to stop pooping in his pants and start pooping in the potty.  Silas heard me say it and came in and said, "Yeah Jude, you need to stop that.  Your body is a temple and you shouldn't get it dirty like that.  Temples aren't supposed to be dirty." 

At work, I have a membership to a golf course and the kids get memberships so they can go swimming and take golf lessons etc.  We went and got our ID cards on Saturday and Silas was very excited.  He told me, "Dad, I have never been a member of a country club.  I am really excited to be a member"  (On a side note, I have never been a member either and I really don't fit in there)  He has asked me every day since if we can go.  I don't think he really knows what people do there but he is just excited to be a member.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sweet 'n Sour...

...describes Silas perfectly.  He can be the sweetest little boy one minute and crazy, naughty or downright evil the next.  Perfect example: Last night we went to Elias' choir concert.  Just before the choir began thier first number Silas leans over and whispers to me, "Mom, if they suck we can throw trash and things at them".  Fast forward 2 hours to bedtime where I'm tucking him in and he says his prayer, "Gladful that we can have Christmas and celebrate Jesus' birth".  Love that little bugger!