Saturday, November 19, 2011

Elias' Eagle Project

Today was Elias' Eagle Project day.
We made work tables (picnic tables) for the Spring Creek Greenway Nature Center's Outdoor Classroom.
Everything was set up in stations.
Jude thought he was a pretty good helper with the pencil behind the ear.
The Scouts worked really well for about 40 minutes... then there was some messing around.  I'll just say that pretty much everyone has dark stain splattered all over them.
Assembly had a bit of a learning curve to it.
The little tables turned out to be quite sturdy.
Now I really want to make one for us!
They're not actually crooked.  They were just stacked on top of each other to fit in the trailer.
Here is the final product! Delivered to the Nature Center! Seriously proud of Elias and all the hard work that went into this project. Also, so grateful to the generous friends and neighbors who donated funds and time. He has had some amazing Scout leaders here in Texas who've really helped him along the way.  I had no idea how INVOLVED an Eagle project was.  One down, three to go!


All Yappers said...

I only have ONE Eagle to think about! That does look like a ton of work but so glad he got it done before you guys moved! Way to go!!!

KrisJ said...

So proud of you ALL!! Lots of hard work! Good job Z for getting this huge accomplishment!

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