Sunday, May 10, 2009

Isaac's Acrostic #2!

Last year in school Isaac wrote me a great acrostic poem for Mother's Day...

M -Mother
O - Outstanding
T - Terrific
H - Heart
E - Eat
R - Rabbit

and here's this year's...

T - Takes care of 4 kids.
A - Amazing cook
M - Makes doughnuts to(o).
l(I)kes kids but hates animals. Even fish!

He sure knows me well! Although I know he doesn't think I'm an amazing cook as he almost never eats what I make!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another Silas!

Pretty much all our posts lately have been about Silas and the naughty things he does. However, this time I'm referring to Jude. Silas was a major climber as a baby. Jude is apparently no different. He climbs on all the chairs, tables, the platform on the play structure (and does spinneys once on top), the ladder for the monkey bars, end tables, top of the back of the couch (where he turns on the gas fireplace and adjusts the thermostat), on top of the baby grand piano, on the bathroom counters (no toothbrush or razor is safe), on the desk (accessing scissors, permanent pens, etc.), on all the weight equipment, on the top bunk bed, and NOW at 19 months he climbed out of his crib!!! It's been a constant challenge child proofing this house for him and I've been surprised that he hasn't even tried to get out of the crib because he's been capable of it for a long time now. I guess the easy bed and nap times could be over now. He was ticked when I put him to bed last night because he had seen Caleb's basketball and really wanted it but I didn't let him take it in his crib. About 2 min. later he came toddling out of his room with that "I'm FREAKING awesome" look on his face. I took him back and tucked him in and then ducked down to see if I could catch him going for a repeat. This time he resigned himself to staying put so then I was crouched down, totally trapped in his room. I had to wait a few minutes and then quietly creep out. I'm so not ready for my baby to be in a big boy bed!