Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Hobby

A month ago Caleb showed me some plans for a twin sized bed he was thinking of making.  I didn't really like the plans but liked the idea of building beds.  So I searched online for some plans and found tons that I not only liked but thought I could build myself.  So began my new hobby.  Jude and Silas have been in bunk beds since forever.  Silas was tired of being on the top bunk (he has learned that heat rises) and Jude is too unpredictable at night to be a top bunker. We separated their bunks and I have hated their room ever since.  The beds were made to be separated but they're not the same size or height and it drove me crazy!  So I borrowed Caleb's pickup, headed to the lumber store, watched a few tutorials and jumped into their room makeover.  All of these plans come from
I made them each a beside book shelf.

These are their platform beds with headboards.  They are designed after the Pottery Barn Teen Fillmore Platform bed seen HERE
It has made it so easy for the boys to do a good job of making their own beds.
Silas made his bed all by himself for this photo.  He is loving storing all his little treasures on the bedside shelf.

Once I had the beds in place I decided they needed a nightstand as well.  So I took some measurements and adjusted a plan from Ana White's website to fit our needs.

Then of course I had to make a matching cubby/bookshelf.  This is made from the same plan as the nightstand only adjusted to fit between their closets.  I invested in a couple of specialty tools that  helped me finish this out so nicely.  My joints are all secured with pocket hole screws (thanks to my new Kreg pocket hole jig) and the shelves are all adjustable (thanks to my new Kreg shelf pin jig). These are not the only things I've made this month.  I built a couple more fun things that I'm waiting until  I have a few specific things on them to photograph and post.  My problem now is that I'm obsessed and want to build/replace nearly all the furniture in our house!